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Before I really knew what my book was going to be, how it was going to write itself, I spent a good year researching — reading and re-reading as much about Paris and Parisiennes as I possibly could. (I think I kept Amazon and eBay in business.) It was, in part, a neat way to procrastinate. That, and baking way too many tarts, kept me from putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard, as the case now is). But it was all a necessary part of the process, because it gave me the confidence to feel I could write with authority (as for those tarts? I like to thin of them as brain food à la française). The reading fest also showed me how much love there is for Paris in the book world, and set the standards dauntingly but inspiringly high. Below are all the titles that helped make Paris Dreaming what it is. I profusely thank each and every one of these authors, and only hope that my book in turn will provide similar inspiration for future works on the city of literary light.

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